Mind-blowing attractions, water park thrills and games!

Fire & Spice

Find food as exciting as your adventures.

This grill truck offers a fusion of Mexican and American cuisine inspired by passing explorers.

The Waypoint

Sip back and relax with quick service offerings from this cantina.

A popular spot among Explorer Mages, this truck serves up the very best in bar food. Fuel your adventures with something savory.

Sweet Dreams

Treat yourself!

Sweeten your adventures with a goodie from this treat truck. This spot offers something for every kind of sweet tooth.


What doesn’t go with pizza?

Dig into everything Katmandu cuisine has to offer…&pizza. Enjoy refreshing beverages, sweet and savory knots, and (of course) pizza.

The Dapper Den

Get your gears turning with a bite from Kilgore’s favorite food spot.

This steampunk bar serves delectable fare and a delightful aesthetic. Enjoy themed libations and tasty bites inspired by the era that never was.